Thursday, September 17, 2015


I think sunsets are among some of the coolest pictures. However, I have never been very successful at capturing them. Whenever I take a picture the bright colors of the sky are always faded in the photograph. So, I looked up some tips on how to create vibrant sunset shots. I read multiple articles that all had conflicting views on how to get the best scene. Many articles I read said to use a neutral density graduated filter to reduce the contrast in order to create a bright sky and dark foreground. Also, many articles said to find an object of interest to create a silhouette with and add more depth to the photo. And to make sure you do not place the horizon directly in the middle of the photo. It can be in the top or bottom third. 

The most useful article I found was: Here's a picture I found from that site:
how to photograph a sunset

Here are few more sunset pictures that I found: 

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